Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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18 April 2009


When Mary came home from her walk she drank some water and opened her laptop.

She continued reading Everything has already started, a painstakingly slow and sometimes frustrating multimedia saga.

It reminded her of a pop-up storybook.

It also reminded her of J. D. Salinger's thoughts about constant digressions.

She looked at his portrait and felt pleased.

Salinger’s smile
will stay for a while
if the girl turns to him
without feeling grim.

He was touched by the smoke
and some recognitions awoke.
Commissioned to look for horses
by strong internal forces,
she’s searching for the best,
those that withstand the test.

She was sure that she would eventually find a good way to attach the verses to the frame.

She had just joined a course in picturepoetry.

After a short time of concentrated reading she called her classmate Kari.

They agreed to meet at the café in the afternoon.

She opened her mailbox and found a spam message in the junk sack.

Its twisted subject made her curious enough to open it.

Getting her a nice watch is the easiest way to make up for your fault.

The message continued:

No matter where you are, no matter what you do, you will always know the right time.

She glanced with satisfaction at her watch and saw that she was just in time for her course in advanced communication.

Afterwards she was exhausted but very glad to meet Kari and her mother Eli at the café.

She told them how she had awakened with a start at four in the morning by an extremely exciting insight.

She felt as if she was the editor of her own film of everything.

A crew always with her...

Kari and Eli said:

You are fantastic.

Mary said: 

You are fantastic.
Oh, look at that Catherine Wheel!

They turned to the TV on the wall.

Mary remembers that the accompanying music used to sound so happy.

Suddenly she felt tired and told them that she had to go home.

They agreed to meet again soon.

Mary watched some television before going to sleep.

She had already seen most of what was shown.

Changing channels created an interesting mix.

It reminded her of a drawing:

What am I, who comes from the depths of the cave?
What subtle movement will this moment crave?
Have I been standing here for an enormous time?
Only just now noticed in a manner so sublime?

She felt a bitter taste that she tried to erase by chewing some medium tears of mastic.

On her way to classes next morning she passed through the pine bay graveyard and watered the violets of Carl Fredrik Hill.

If I could grasp all this,
would it feel like a bliss?
The sun, the bones, the very atom
must really be hard to fathom.

She passed some nice drunk girls outside the Hermitage.

They had been denied entrance.

The day went on in quiet desperation.

On her way home that warm and sunny evening she bought a Schwarzwald cake.

It was of her favoured Swedish kind.

She chose the shortcut through the Black Forest.

At home she ate the whole cake with her fingers and it pleased her.

She phoned Henry about the search and they agreed to meet at Leve's house next morning.

She laid out her T-shirts on the bed and spent considerable time in choosing one for the next day.

She watched a film.

Then she went to bed.

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