Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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04 August 2009


By the evening they had cleared the path leading to Leve's house and were talking about what they should do next.

They both wanted to try to reach further inside the garden instead of continuing to clear the surrounding path.

But neither of them had a clue how to go about it.

Eli and Kari came to visit.

Seeing the high wall of shrubbery along the path Kari suggested that they use a ladder to see what's behind.

Henry went to fetch their highest ladder while the others walked slowly towards Leve's house.

Suddenly Eli stopped and knelt down.

She showed them a slightly less density in the shrubs.

It took some time for the others to discern the minuscule difference.

Henry came carrying the ladder.

He had even more difficulties to see the deviation.

When he finally saw it, he realized what it might mean.

At this point there could have been an opening into the interior.

They tried to stabilize the wavering ladder as Kari undaunted climbed to the top.

She could not see much and judged what she saw to be just an overgrown mess.

There were a few huge dead trees in the distance.

 Different birds were flying around and some large birds were sitting in the dead trees.

She climbed down.

It sounded like something from a horror movie and not at all what they had hoped for.

Alice and Henry felt discouraged and they all went home.

Henry watched some paintings:

Alice chose to look at this:

She suddenly remembered that Leve had borrowed a notebook which she had found in their attic.

She thought that it could concern the origins of the area.

She decided to go and look for it at Leve's house the next day.

In the morning Alice and Henry discovered that they both had been thinking about the same thing.

They wanted to prune the old apple tree by the front door.

They watched a tutorial.

It was instructive in some ways, but their tree was large and their purpose was not to maximize the crop.

One branch even held a swing.

They found a few books on gardening in the attic.

A testament from 1814, left by Johann Ludwig Christ, offered some additional advice.

But they realized that the crucial decisions had to be made by themselves.

Feeling courageous they walked around the apple tree several times at various distances.

  They could see nothing wrong with it.

Only a few remnants of branches that at some time had been cut too far from the stem.

According to the expertise they could begin to rot.

They chose to make new cuts close to the trunk and covered the wounds with earth mixed with tar.

Henry received a phone call.

Alice sat down on the swing and lit a cigarette.

The call was from Kristin.

She would come this evening.

Henry thought of the song in her mail.

He liked this video with its cool variety of musicians:

Someone had pointed out that Henry's own inscrutable movements resembled those of Bryan Ferry.

Alice was by now swinging precariously high on the swing which they had constructed from a beach find.

They speculated if it was made to hang outside a ship when painting or boarding it.

Henry suggested that they go and find a way to open what might have been an original entrance to the park.

Alice didn't want to leave the swing just yet, but told him to go ahead.

She would join him soon.

She hummed a song she had learned from some children next door:

She hurried to catch up with Henry.

He was filling the chainsaw with fuel and oil outside the toolshed.

He said that if they used more careful tools it would take ages.

She agreed.

She took out the large cotton sheet for transporting the cuttings to the bonfire.

They reached the place with less density, which they had marked with a glove.

Henry started cutting into the hedge.

Alice told him to try to create an arch of human size.

Soon he had to rest because of the strain.

She knelt down inside the small cavity to see if she could perceive any change.

She screamed.

Her hand was cut by a slightly curved piece of thin glass.

She removed it from her palm and started bleeding.

She went back to the shed to put on a plaster.

Henry cleaned the glass carefully and revealed its green colour.

He bent down cautiously and after some search found several similar shards in different colours.

The archarranger now inserts Overview, a cryptic and rudimentary journal.

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