Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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26 March 2011


On a warm spring day Mary reached the house of Leve.

The branches of the apple trees were still bare.

She was startled to see a flower in the window.

Henry had not been here for ages.

She walked to the backyard and knocked on the door.

There was no answer but she opened and went inside.

She noticed some new things on the part of the desk that Henry had cleared on her first visit.

And the strangeness of the flower in the kitchen window.

But Henry was nowhere to be found.

When she stepped outside a woman was getting out of the driver seat of the Jaguar E-type.

Mary understood that it was Leve.

The woman came towards her with a hand outstretched.

She said: 

I am Leve. Would you like some tea? 

Mary answered: 

Yes, please.

She explained that she used to meet Henry here sometimes.

Hesitatingly, she revealed that their purpose had been to find clues to where Leve could be.

With inconsistent results.

Leve told her that she had arrived a few days ago and that only Mary now knew that she was home.

She had indeed been in contradictory places.

While drinking tea they spoke of many things and were soon familiarized.

Leve now wanted to go and see Henry and Alice.

Mary agreed to accompany her.

Leve went to her room to change to warmer clothes.

She hummed a song that came to her mind.

As usual her aim seemed to be to dress to please herself and as many others as possible.

Leve was about to take the main road when Mary called, standing by the gate.

Amazed, Leve followed her on the cleared path.

Some pale green leave buds were seen among the dark severed branches.

They stopped when they reached the hole in the hedge.

A tattered red carpet was leading into the opening.

Mary said:

Alice must have placed it there to prevent further injuries from the broken glass.

She explained about the glass and Alice's wound.

Leve kneeled on the carpet and crept inside.

Alice followed her.

Standing up they saw a huddle of felled trees.

The wood around them was too dense to enter.

With difficulties Leve conquered the short and narrow road that the fallen trees indicated.

Standing at the furthest point she could see nothing but more trees.

Then she heard a faint noise.

She exclaimed:

I hear purling water!

She climbed back and they crept out to continue the walk.

Leve expressed her admiration for the new toolshed.

Nearing the house they smelled smoke and heard music.