Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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11 December 2009


A few months later Mary was printing the image that she had found in a link.

She waited for the printer to execute the job on slow settings.

She wondered what specific rags had been shredded for the making of the paper that she had chosen for this printing.

She had removed the sheet from an old inherited block of Whatman handmade paper.

Until now she had deemed it too precious for whatever use and always kept it for the future.

Mary remembered the day some months ago when she was knocking on the door of the house of Alice and Henry.

No one opened.

Turning to leave she met a woman coming up the driveway with a suitcase in each hand.

She said that she was Henry's sister Kristin.

They shook hands.

An unfamiliar woman was walking determinedly towards them from the direction of the garage.

She hugged them both close to her and said:

So you are Kristin and you are Mary.

She just stood there smiling at them for some time and then tears started falling from her eyes.

They each took one of her hands and stroke it soothingly.

She called out loudly:


She said to them:

I am the tenant of the den above the garage.

I live far away and only come here sporadically.

You could say that I come here to sow words.

I'm called Lo.

Alice came running to them from the garden path.

She said:

What is it?

Lo spoke her name, withdrew her hands and hugged Alice.

They all stood looking at each other.

Lo said:

 I must go home.

There is a taxi waiting for me.

Looking at Alice's hand she said:

 Attend to that wound. 

It's bleeding through the plaster.

She turned around and walked away.

When she was out of sight they could hear her call again:


The other day Mary received a link to aportraitofdaniel from the foreigner called Lo.

When the image was printed, Mary cut away some excess paper so as to leave a well proportioned frame around it.

Then she fastened the image on the wall above her desk with four architect's drawing pins.