Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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17 April 2009


Henry had been sleeping deeply until midday.

He woke up still feeling tired, drank some water and went back to sleeping, this time restlessly.

Only when time neared the homecoming of Alice did he force himself to rise from bed.

He tried without success to listen to the radio, broadcasting about some urgent problems, while he started to prepare dinner.

Mi miaowed to come in.

He opened the kitchen door.

Mi made her usual sound when she hurried through the door opening.

That made him smile and attempt to speak her language.

Soon he was glad to hear Alice coming and then see her.

She carried her bicycle basket and some parcels.

After they had eaten Henry gathered some appropriate tools stored in the shed.

Alice brought the smaller ones from the cellar.

Now they both felt that they had all they needed for starting any time.

Then they decided to begin as soon as possible.

It was fortunate, since they would do much kneeling, that they each owned a pair of worker jeans with knee pads.

The next day it was Alice's friend Eli's turn to take care of the café for some days.

Alice hoped for good weather to work in the park.

Her first free morning happened to be on a day when a TV channel showed Bonanza.

That meant they started late in spite of the blue sky.

They filled the wheelbarrow with the smaller tools and carried the rest.

They reached the border of the garden, where the overgrown path leading to Leve's house began.

Henry realized that they would have to build a small shed for the tools.

It would be too cumbersome to transport them every time.

He already knew how to construct it from some old railway sleepers and mixed timber.

He decided to go back to bring some of the materials.

Alice would help him with the sleepers, but first she wanted to at least start clearing the path.

It seemed to be of some urgency to her.

She soon found out that the secateurs were not efficient.

She had to use a bow saw with a new blade to make some difference.

Although she was dressed to be protected from the thorns and worked cautiously, she received many painful scratches.

Soon she gave up.

She went home leaving all the tools behind, except the precious Japanese secateurs.

She hoped it would not rain during the night.

Henry could not help laughing when he saw her.

Her face had some thin red lines, as if she had been marked in a strange code.

Henry had not assembled the materials yet, but as he was also tired they both went inside.

They changed and sat down comfortably to watch TV.

Alice said:

Majestic meetings.