Composed by Lo Maria Snöfall

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03 January 2013


They had all found various urgent tasks to perform.

Some just needed resting.

One winter day Leve summoned them.

She had made a discovery in the great garden that they had to see.

The thin layer of snow was easy to walk on.

They entered the pathway that they had built.

It was now much lighter from the snow on the ground and the trees.

They could see animal tracks all around.

Amazed they watched the bridge that Leve and Samuel had built.

It was covered with pine branches woven together to form a dense carpet.

To make it less slippery and more welcoming, said Leve.

A rope was tied from a fir tree to a birch on the other side to make a railing.

Leve waited until they were all on the other side.

She then pointed into the now bare woods before them.

They gasped and cried out and wooed.

A low grey house was now easy to see.

Strange translucent turned pillars supported a narrow porch.

They neared the house.

Now they could see and feel that the frosty pillars were built from glass.

Or something very similar.

They entered the house bending down through the small door.

There stood only a low round stone table in the one room.

In the middle of the table a kind of device of brass and copper was inserted.

Maybe a sort of compass, Samuel said.

Leve showed them some pieces of rusty iron and decaying wood.

They were decorated in various fashions.

She was sure that they were remnants of small chairs.

She told them that she intended to have one of similar size made for her.

It would be a chair to hold her now as if she still were a child.

She asked them all to contribute to its design and the carrying out.

So they agreed, sensing the significance in different degrees.

Leve told them that she had met an old acquainted from school.

Bo lived on the opposite side of the garden.

He had heard of their efforts.

Bo and some of his neighbors were now making a similar approach on their side.

One day Alice was watching for signs of snowdrops in front of the house.

She was startled by some loud swearing.

It came from the direction of the garage.

Walking towards the unusual sounds she saw Lo sitting on a bench in the sun.

She hesitated since Lo was considered a recluse.

Hearing a sob Alice walked over to the bench and sat down.

It turned out that Lo was grateful to talk about her troubles.

They had to do with that complicated book at her home.

Alice had entered that book in a small scale and could grasp her predicament.

They both agreed on the unjustness of things.

Then Alice went to get some tea and chocolate cake.

The sun was warm to them.

They heard metallic noices from behind the garage.

Alice said that it must be Samuel working on the Landrover.

Lo was by now feeling quite confident and decided to go and introduce herself.

She did so in an awkward fashion, but Samuel did not seem to mind.

When she was going back, he called after her.

He gave her a calling card and told her to contact him any time.

The card featured his portrait on one side.

She showed it to Alice, who said that he was supposed to have a devilish personality.

They finished the cake and went looking for early spring shoots together.

At last they found some.

It was exhilarating.

The weather changed and sleet started to fall.

They went inside the house.

Alice made a fire and they sat down before it in silence.

In both of them appeared amazing notions having to do with Samuel.

They looked at each other and smiled.

What a beautiful day.

said  Lo and Alice answered

Indeed it is.

The door opened and a bunch of wet friends burst inside.

 They hung up their outerwear and filled the room.

All were panting from hurrying through the foul weather.

They had been exploring the Inner Garden in all directions.

Now they told each other of their discoveries.

It was too noisy for Leve to hear what they had found out.

She recalled some disparates she had overheard about the construction of her chair.

Leve was overtaken by an urge to embrace and kiss each and every one of them.

The sun came in through the windows.

Samuel entered and walked over to Leve.

She made him a place to sit beside her.

They talked about what had been and crazy and crazier things to do.

After a while they laughed out of control and the others looked at them.


Samuel exclaimed.

It will be fine.

Leve said.

Everyone smiled.

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